2018 has been a big year for the energy industry. There have been significant changes in the overall market and big shifts in the latest trends. From IoT to modular nuclear reactors, the energy industry doesn’t look the same day-to-day, but there is still so much to learn as technologies advance and needs change. The past year we’ve focused on sharing our best energy industry content to help keep you and your business on top of the curve. Here’s a look back at our top performing articles from 2018.

How Is Additive Manufacturing Making Nuclear More Efficient?

If you are looking to make an impact in the energy industry, an important first step is to stay in the know. Industry trends are an important way to communicate your knowledge and skills to help grow your career. This blog focused in on one specific trend that is having important ramifications in the world of nuclear power – additive manufacturing. Researchers at the Idaho National Laboratory are being recognized for some very exciting and important work developing a new additive manufacturing method with the power of massive 3D printing capabilities. This new method is notable because of the ability to make more efficient and more advanced nuclear fuels. Read the blog to learn more.

Why You Should Make the Jump to Contract Work in 2018

Contract work, or temping, can get a bad rap. The sometimes-short-term nature of the work leads to a lack of career stability that many workers crave. But what you might not know is the reasons why contract work might just be the best thing you ever did for your career. If you are looking for a fresh start in 2018, ESGI shares four reasons why you should make the jump to contract work. Read this November blog to learn more.

Will Your Career Benefit from LinkedIn Premium?

Think LinkedIn Premium isn’t worth the cost? Depending on your current situation and needs from your professional networking experience, it just might be. This top performing blog from 2018 provides a closer look at the benefits of the service and how it could help an IT professional’s career in our modern era of social networking. If you’re curious to see what Premium can provide, this is a great read.

This Is the Way Geofencing Helps Your Workplace

Geofencing is a growing trend in the use of mobile technology. It’s a clever way for businesses to help their customers engage with their product or services, and it’s also an interesting method for employers to support their workforce and ensure they are productive and supported on the job. Here are a few ways that geofencing could make a big difference for you and your company in the coming year.

Have You Considered Being a Virtual Cyber Information Security Officer?

Cybersecurity is a high priority for almost all companies currently. The need is clear, but not all companies have the resources to support someone in this role full time. Many hire Virtual CISOs on a contract basis, to help them make sure they are set up for success or managing their response to an incident appropriately. While it might seem like for candidates interested in opportunities like this, temporary jobs are not an idea. But, the role of a virtual cybersecurity information officer has a lot to offer. Read the blog to find out what you should know about the role before you pass on the opportunity.

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