The costs of hiring and onboarding new full-time employees are unavoidably steep. It also takes a significant amount of time to find the right candidates, review resumes, and provide the necessary training that will bring them up to speed on the role they are stepping into. If you can consider using a contractor to support your next project, there are some substantial financial benefits that can save you big in both time and money. Here’s what you should know about the financial benefits of hiring contractors instead of full-time staff.

1. Need-Based Support

There is an obvious financial benefit of hiring only to support the work that needs to be done. Filling the need with a contractor provides support for only if you need, rather than needing to find work to support a full-time hire. If you take on a contractor and they seem like they’d be a good fit for long-term employment, there is always the chance of extending the contract. But the flexibility provided by a contract rather than a full-time hire can help you save big in the hiring department.

2. The Experience You Need

Finding the right candidate with the skills and experience you need is often much easier when you look at contract candidates. They often move from contract to contract to help companies with a specific set of skills and have built up impressive resumes based on that contract work alone. The chance to work with many different employers on a multitude of different projects provides contractors with the depth of experience that makes them highly effective right from their first day.

3. Faster Onboarding

Saving money on hiring contractors who don’t need the same degree of training that many full-time hires would require is a big benefit of working with temporary employees. For the same reasons listed above, contract workers can essentially be dropped into a new project and see the landscape quickly because they have worked on many similar projects before. Their knowledge and experience make them fast learners and powerful allies in the energy industry, saving you both time and money so you can focus on what really matters, your business.

4. Less Time Recruiting

The financial cost of recruiting for full-time positions yourself is substantial. But if you work with a recruiter, you know you have a hiring expert on your side. Recruiters know where to look and how to find the right candidates for the job you are looking to fill. Without their expertise and candidate pipeline, it can take you months to find the right person for the job. But recruiters know how to fill roles quickly and effectively saving you the effort. A good hire is a fast hire, so save your company some hard earned cash this year by looking for contract candidates to support your projects.

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