Project management is one of those fields that seems to be getting a constant upgrade. If you want to take your skills to the next level as a certified project manager, it might seem a little overwhelming what your options might be. But the bottom line is that employers around the world are preferential to employees with certification of their project management skills. Here is a quick overview of some of the most impactful certifications to help you drive your career forward as a project manager.

Project Management Professional

This is one of the most in-demand certifications available. It is one of the top certifications on the market which requires handling of projects related to all aspects of planning, implementing, and finalizing a project. PMP is the root certification designed to prepare holders to handle and control projects from an organizational standpoint. Certification holders can adapt their learnings to different market segments, locations, and industries. With a PMP certification, you can find yourself making up to 17% more in salary than your non-certified competitors.

Certified Scrum Master

If you not aware of the agile methodologies that have quickly become the standard within the IT sectors, it’s time to do some research. There is no doubt that IT professionals are qualified to take the CSM certification and that it is often in high demand.  There are many scrum master certifications currently available on the market, but regardless of the source, a CSM is a great way to take the next step in your career. The training provided as part of this certification prepares holders to manage projects as a Scrum Master, enabling teams to work in a more agile and effective manner. It can have a significant impact on your management, participation, and direction styles.

Master Project Manager

One of the most valuable certifications in project management is provided by the American Academy of Project Management. This certification is closely focused in on the importance of project completion.  It takes 3 years to complete the whole certification and finish the work that the Academy requires. But at the end of the certification, individuals are also offered a master’s degree along with the qualification.

Certified Project Manager

A CPM is a commonly accepted form of project management certification. The program completely focuses on the advanced skills needed to become an accomplished project manager. It is one of the best courses in which the several skills can be learned, such as communication, resource management, risk evaluation, and so on.  The main objective of the CPM program is that you can take the skills and activate them in your real-world work environment.  These skills are critical in helping you achieve the project management results you need to succeed as a project manager.

To take the next step in your career, certification is an excellent option to consider. Keep in mind that there are several certification programs on the market, but what works best for you and your experience only you will be able to tell.

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