Almost every job listing you’ll read will describe an IT professional that is experienced, that is flexible, and who is a good team member. No work is done in a vacuum, particularly in the field of technology. Agility and creativity require the ability to communicate and collaborate with others. That’s why we are seeing less and less focus on the growth of IT positions that fall into the category of “independent contributors”. The best professionals are ones who know how to build on ideas with others, and it’s those types who will lead the next wave of technology innovations. Here are at ESGI, we want to share a few reasons why the best IT professionals are developing their entire skill set.

The Future is in the Cloud

As more workloads are migrating to the cloud, the job of an IT professional is starting to look very different than it did before. Traditional user support and networking are no longer separated from the dev team, everyone needs to work together to deliver bigger and more impactful projects. Everything is connected now, including traditional IT jobs. Security experts need to be connected with UX designers, and information architects need to talk with data analysts to understand the needs of the project, and deliver on the promise of a better more convenient product now and in the future.

Getting Lean

Teams and workflows are getting smarter and more simplified. Businesses are going lean and agile in order to deliver results quickly and effectively. Resources are no longer as available, and teams are expected to work together better to think bigger and get the work done better than ever before. This trimming of the fat has been seen industry-wide as companies realize they need to respond to customer feedback quickly and directly in order to stay ahead of their competition, and not waste resources along the way.

Shifting Focus

Industry-wide there has been a refocusing on speed, security, and customer service. These are the things that really matter to customers, and that will make a company successful now and through the disruptions of the future. Teams need to align their vision to understand the bigger picture and work toward very specific and targeted goals. Only when all team members are aligned and in the communication of their direction, their tactics, and their efforts will businesses really be able to cover ground in a fast-moving market.

Because of these reasons, and many others to boot, the days of the loner IT pro are numbered. Working in collaboration with other experts is the only way to get ahead. As hackers become increasingly intelligent, and industries become increasingly disrupted by emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and blockchain, technologists need to be in constant communication with the industry and market experts to stay on top of the wave. That’s why teamwork skills are so important to hiring managers because they know that the only way to get ahead of the competition is to work together.

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