Emotional Connections in the Interview Lead to Job Offers

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Interviews are emotional experiences. They are hard work, draining, and stressful for candidates. Managing that stress is an important element of job search success. But did you know that emotion plays another important role in this phase of the hiring process? It’s the hiring manager’s emotions that you really should be concerned about. Here are a few reasons why those emotional connections you build in an interview could be what lead you to a job offer.

Connect with Your Audience

The most important thing you should know about being successful in an interview is the need to connect with your interviewer. Help them get to know you both as a candidate and as a person. Be real. Be memorable. Give them a reason to want to continue the conversation later. Building that emotional bridge will help you engage with your interviewer, help them see you as a potential team mate, and get them thinking about how you can add value in the role you are applying for. Every other candidate they interview will have a similar set of skills and abilities that make them qualified for the role. What really helps land someone a job is the ability to connect with their interviewer on an emotional level.

Use Storytelling Strategies

A tried and true emotional engagement strategy is the simple but powerful element of storytelling. Storytelling is a communication style so intrinsically human and engaging that interviewees who use it in their personal narrative are most often rewarded. Stories are powerful because they allow the listener to put themselves in the shoes of the story teller. It creates a near-instantaneous emotional connection and allows the teller to take the audience on a journey of discovery, where they can experience the history and achievements of the candidate in a real-world scenario. Storytelling helps bring those bullets on your resume to life and give them meaning in the greater context of the role.

Here are 11 storytelling tricks you can use to make your interview more memorable and relatable.

  • Recall a challenge you have overcome in a previous role.
  • Demonstrate self-awareness by describing an important learning opportunity you have experienced.
  • Highlight your core values and passions.
  • Appeal to both the creative and data-driven aspects of your interviewer’s critical thinking.
  • Explain why and how you accomplished a unique or fast changing task.
  • Find commonality with your interviewer.
  • Avoid negative self-talk and focus on what really matters in your stories, your success.
  • Don’t be afraid to get a little personal or animated. The best storytellers are the ones who can attract attention and be memorable without being off-putting.
  • Draw on common human experiences to build a bridge with your interviewer.
  • Beware of biases, both yours and the interviewers.
  • Focus on your strengths and achievements.

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