The job market is super competitive in today’s modern age of digital applications and social media professional networking. Everyone is potential competition in your job search, and if you don’t know what you’re up against you are at a disadvantage. Here’s a look at who you are competing with to win your dream job and how you can get the call back over them.

Candidate 1 – The Employee Referral

You can be sure that you’re up against candidates who know everything about the company you are applying to. Often, you are even up against someone who knows the hiring manager or a team member personally. Professional networks are the most powerful source of recommendations for new hires, and if you’re coming into the relationship cold you don’t stand a chance. What you can do is do your homework. Know what job you are applying to, what company, and what hiring manager. Do the necessary research, but don’t come across as obsessed. There’s a professional level of interest that should always be maintained.

Candidate 2 – The Smooth Talker

As an applicant, it can seem like this type of candidate is a sure win. Smooth talkers know how to get their way past an interview but have a notoriously tough time keeping a job. The way to make sure you have an edge over this type of competition is to have real substance to your answers in the interview, but also can be a person and engage in pleasant small talk. Remember that it’s all about balance. Individuals want to hire people they will enjoy working with. But companies keep the people who can deliver on interview-promises.

Candidate 3 – The Industry Veteran

Particularly for younger candidates, it can feel like an uphill battle to fight in a talent pool of experienced employees. The fact is that there are benefits to hiring for experience and there are benefits to hiring for new fresh talent. Younger candidates have interesting new ideas and are often able to bring a fresh passion to the opportunity that more experienced candidates have difficulty delivering on. The bottom line is to not undersell your potential. Potential can get you far in such a competitive hiring landscape.

The way to make yourself stand out from such an experienced crowd is to highlight the experience you do have and position it as especially relevant to the position. Don’t point out why you shouldn’t be hired or considered; that level of humility is a lack of confidence in candidates. Don’t let your age or experience level hold you back if you know you can bring something special to the position. Let the hiring manager determine whether you are truly a good fit for the job or not.

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