Are you approaching the end of a contract assignment and looking forward to some down time? Well, you might want to dive back into the swing of things earlier than you think. While it’s important to recuperate and relax between gigs, if you want to make sure you have your next IT contract lined up, the time to start looking is now. Here are some tips to help keep you on the job into your next contract and beyond.

It’s Easier to Find Work When You’re Working

The fact is that the connections you make on the job will make it much easier to find your next contract assignment. So before your contract ends, start looking for your next opportunity. It’s a hot candidate market, and you don’t want to get lost in the shuffle. Rely on your recruiter, your coworkers, and your employer to help you identify and apply for the jobs that will provide the next stepping stone in your contract career. Get jobs lined up when you can, because otherwise, you might miss out.

Weigh Your Options Carefully

As an employed contract worker, you are showing that you can deliver value to an employer and therefore you will be of more interest to new hiring managers. If you play your cards right you might find yourself dealing with multiple job offers for when your current contract comes to an end. Your existing manager might already even have plans for you within your current organization. But you should weigh your options carefully because a contract can take you in a different direction very quickly. Make sure you are seeking and applying for the kinds of contracts that are relevant to your interests, to your goals, and to your career. Otherwise, you might find yourself looking back at this moment as a lost opportunity further down the line.

Keep Your Connections Current

Granted, it’s tough to stay in touch with all your LinkedIn connections. But keeping tabs on your high-profile players in your professional network can mean the difference between a quick hire and a lengthy job search. Be proactive in your applications by connecting with hiring managers early so that you don’t find yourself with an extended period of unwanted downtime between gigs. Your existing manager and recruiter are two great places to start to help identify future opportunities with the company or with someone else further down the line.

All in all, the best advice for this stage in your career is to always keep your eyes open for exciting new opportunities and not to let too much time lapse between contract assignments. You never know where a gig can take you so be as proactive as possible in your search for new gigs and you won’t regret it.

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