Office culture can make or break a company. The ones with the great reputations for valuing their employees, treating them like real people and not just names on a roster, are the companies that are competitive in this type of hiring market. The companies that can attract and retain the best employees are the ones who offer and deliver the best services and products to their clients, in turn.

If you think your company culture could use a boost, here are four tips for improving workplace culture.

1. Bump Up Your Salary or Bonus Offerings

It might seem obvious to offer a little extra in terms of salaries and bonuses to give your team a morale boost. And it will, in the short term. If you can offer more than you currently do, by all means you should. Competitive salaries and great bonuses are one of the leading incentives to hire and retain excellent talent in the workplace. There’s a hiring war on right now as unemployment hovers around the low mark of five-to-six percent.  Hiring managers are on deck to offer the most competitive compensation packages and benefits that make top performers feel appreciated.

Retention strategies can include regular cost-of-living raises, well-rounded retirement plans, or a nice end-of-year bonus to reward your team. It’s true that employees show loyalty to the companies who appreciate their efforts and work hard to keep them. The problem is, there will almost always be another company willing to up the ante and offer just a little bit more to tempt your workers away. So, don’t expect a one-time raise to make a long-term difference in your corporate culture if there are other issues dragging you down.

2. Listen and Engage

Employee retention requires investing in your current workforce and making sure they are interested in their work, feel their efforts are valued and have the resources they need to be successful on the job. Engagement leads to greater commitment and loyalty on the part of your workers, for your company and for the work they are doing. Engaged employees are more likely to perform better and stay with the company for a longer period of time. In order to keep your team engaged, you should connect with them regularly about their experiences, goals and interests. Take the time to really listen to their feedback and make every effort possible to include them in decision making and invest in their interests.

3. Connect on a Personal Level

Foster and maintain the personal relationships with your employees that make your company more than a job for them. People value the connections they make on the job. Mentor-mentee interactions are what set workers up for long-term success. Maintaining the positive relationships with staff at all levels of employment goes a long way to making each employee feel like their work is valued, and they are part of the larger corporate mission. Do what you can to make your team feel like more than mere employees, but the rock stars they are that drive your business to success each and every day.

4. Hire the Right People

Hiring the right people is always a proactive decision. Be strategic in who you recruit. Don’t rush into hiring someone for the sake of filling a seat, but take your time and really vet your candidates so you know they will be equally committed to building an excellent work culture in the long term.

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