The tech industry is one of the top-paying markets today. Employers are actively looking for highly skilled and specialized candidates to be the new rock stars in the arena.  But it’s not just a solid education and coding skills that will get you noticed as a tech candidate. You need to be well-rounded and easy to work with to really win the best jobs. Here are a few ways you can build those soft skills and sell yourself as the balanced, business-minded tech worker who employers love.

Improve Communication and Speaking Skills

Communication is complicated in our digital world. Email, instant messaging, mobile phones, and other modern communication methods have really changed the way in which work is done, particularly in the tech industry. But communication is still a critically important skill for job applicants to have and promote to employers. Work is rarely done in a vacuum or on an individual level, so those speaking skills and writing skills are in constant demand. A candidate’s ability to discuss issues with co-workers and other stakeholders in a way that results in positive action is invaluable. In order to describe real situations where your communication skills were an asset to an employer or on a project, focus on developing those skills. Practice makes perfect and the more opportunities you get, the better you will become. Public speaking and collaborative efforts are both good examples to showcase employers in an interview. If you don’t have some case studies in your back pocket, go out there and get them.

Learn How to Work with a Number of Different Personalities

Working in a team can be tricky, especially with the diversity of experiences and personalities that come along in the tech industry. If you’re not confident in your abilities, this is an area you should work on building strength in. Employers depend on their team to collaborate and motivate each other. If you can showcase your leadership in that regard, you will make a big impression with hiring managers.

Learn How to Handle Different Situations

There are any number of work scenarios that can influence a worker’s success. Knowing the differences involved with working for a big company and a small one can be key. An enterprise-level corporation deals with completely different problems and concerns than a start-up, for example. Having at least a little experience in multiple different work situations can help you sell yourself to prospective employers.

Don’t Forget Your Technical Skills

While you’re describing your soft skills to employers, don’t skimp on your technical skills. They are still the most important feature. Candidates need to have a strong balance of a very good technical knowledge so as to participate in educated conversations with clients and co-workers, but also the personal traits and professionalism to be successful in a business environment.

Work with a Leader in IT Recruitment

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