If you are in the position of looking for a new job while already employed, there are a number of things you should keep in mind. During an interview, hiring managers inevitably will want to know why you are considering leaving your current position and how that might impact your transition. You can expect to be questioned on the subject, so it’s best to be prepared with a good answer. Here are a few tips to help you respond in a positive and effective manner.

Avoid Negativity

While it is to be expected that candidates looking for job opportunities elsewhere likely are unhappy with their current position, speaking negatively about your current employer can make you look bad in an interview. When answering why you want to leave your existing position, it’s best to avoid focusing on the things you don’t like about the job.

Try your best to be neutral in your tone when you discuss why you are looking for new opportunities. Perhaps there is a lot of travel at your current job. Maybe the commute has become more than you are able to commit to. There are any number of non-combative reasons why you are no longer satisfied with your job. Pick the most honest and relevant one to your situation and do everything you can to keep an overall positive attitude during the interview.

Stay Confident

Being employed while interviewing for a new job can actually have a positive impact on your interview. For one thing, the reduced pressure of looking for a job while you are financially stable will help increase your confidence level. Having a job where you and your skills are in demand on a daily basis can give you a real boost and better help you understand and communicate your value to a prospective employer. Share that confidence with your interviewer by emphasizing how your existing employer finds value in the services you provide and how those skills can easily transfer to the job you are applying to.

Compare Companies

Many employers like to hire people who are already employed. It provides a reference of sorts that shows you are in demand and worth competing for. When responding to the question of why you are looking for a new opportunity, it’s also a good idea to do a little comparison of the two companies you are evaluating. Explain the different strengths and weaknesses you perceive between the two (with an emphasis on the strengths of the company you are looking to join) and explain why you want a change.

Perhaps you are looking to change careers, join a different industry, or move to a bigger or smaller-size company. All these reasons are understandable explanations for a job change. Take the opportunity to answer this question in a way that shows your interest in the new company, rather than emphasizing why you want to leave the old job.

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