Most people, at some point or another, experience some discontent in their career. There is no harm in exploring the opportunities that may provide a better fit for your skill set. Many organizations encourage a healthy churn to make sure everyone is contended and challenged in their position. If you are at a point where you are looking around, how do you know where to start looking for the best job in America? In this article, we explore one such potential career.

The Need for Data

Organizations across all industries are becoming increasingly data driven. There are a few industry leaders, such as Google, Amazon, and Netflix, who have built their multi-billion-dollar business around harnessing the power of data. Data-driven decision making is prevalent in every industry from manufacturing to aerospace. Businesses are increasingly buying into the notion that in order to compete and succeed in today’s fast-paced global economy, they need to innovate quickly and ship rapidly. This is only possible when there is a feedback channel to gather and analyze customer reactions and respond to the data in investment decisions quickly and effectively.

Data Scientist: The Next Big Thing

With such emphasis on data across all market segments, big or small, it is no surprise the No. 1 rated job in America according to Glassdoor is a data scientist. A data scientist is a fairly generalized job title, which could have a varied set of responsibility. A data scientist works with data to find patterns and insights. For instance, a data scientist can analyze real-time customer usage data to identify aspects of a product which are more often used and therefore should see heightened investments. Data scientists often work with the end-to-end data pipeline. This includes defining the correct dataset to collect and how to correctly and completely instrument the product to collect the relevant data without impeding the usefulness of the core product in any way. Next, a data scientist identifies the uses for the data and defines the algorithms for predictive and descriptive data analysis. The results of these analyses can be used to spot patterns such as market analysis, identify investment opportunities and fix deficiencies.

Job Requirements and Impact

When the job is done right, a data scientist can have a huge impact on an organization’s bottom line through gathering information which feeds directly into an organization’s decision-making process. According to, there is a current shortage of data scientists in the job market. A strong data scientist needs to have a scientific mindset as the job frequently requires defining clarity in an otherwise ambiguous situation. The job also requires a solid mathematical background to be able to identify patterns in what may seem like a mountain of information. A strong background in computer programming makes it easier to come up to speed with the various tools available to data scientists and use them with confidence. Data-driven decision-making is the wave of the future and the data scientists are leading the way.

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