If you are looking to expand your IT skills to increase your hiring power in today’s competitive job market, read on. You might be surprised what skills have made the list. According to a recent Computer World Article, the hottest skills in IT include the usual suspects such as web development, project management, and tech support. Some newer qualifications are also on the list, including security and compliance, cloud or software as a service (SAAS), and big data. But the hottest skill in IT for 2016 is actually IT architecture.

What is IT Architecture?

IT architecture is the skill of designing and delivering technology strategy which is of great value to employers. IT professionals with qualifications in IT architecture are capable of more than simply designing a software program or supporting its business applications, they must be able to fully understand and describe a strategy for solving business problems through technological infrastructure.

That said, the term “IT architect” covers a pretty wide range of specialists. Anyone from enterprise architects to cloud architects can fall into this category of employee within the tech industry. Considering this, recruiters are seeing a sharp increase in demand for IT architecture skills as companies continue to grow into new and exciting technology-based projects.

Who’s Hiring IT Architects?

This skill is very hot in today’s market because it has near universal application. All kinds of businesses depend on technology and software to function efficiently in a global market, and the companies that are looking to get the edge on their competition do so in a strategic and focused manner. In a recent poll of hiring managers, 42 percent said they had plans to actively seek people with this skill in the next 12 months. It is surprising that this skill is in such high demand, because it has yet to really be recognized as a hot commodity. It’s interesting that hiring managers are now recognizing that IT architecture is such a fundamental area of expertise in the technical field, because it shows a more strategic turn in the market as a whole.

The Value of IT Architecture within the Business Context

Employers recognize that a mix of staff with strong architecture abilities is important in terms of both IT and enterprise. An in-depth understanding of both provides a structured approach to understanding industry standards and frameworks to create high-impact consistency of thought and message within the business.

IT architecture professionals with sharp technical skills and a deep understanding of the business they work within are expected to move into leaderships roles where they can lead teams who are capable of driving IT projects in strategic directions. That mix of engineering and leadership skills is increasingly sought after in an industry where companies are competing for the most talented thought leaders and strategic business partners.

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