Hiring managers want to find job candidates who meet their job requirements and will also be a great fit with other people in the organization. You know that as a candidate, just as much emphasis is placed on how you communicate what you know in an interview as the technical knowledge behind it. Therefore, you might be wondering how can you show that you are a great technical and cultural fit in an interview setting? Our team at Energy Services Group International has prepared a list of valuable tips to keep in mind for your next interview.

Do Your Research

When you are preparing for an interview, it’s very important that you know everything possible about the company and the job you are applying for. But doing your research means more than simply reviewing the job description and maybe browsing the corporate Web page. If possible, talk with someone who works there already. Consider yourself to be an investigator and try to really dig in to the cultural and lifestyle of existing employees if you can. LinkedIn is a great place to start. Take note of dress styles, age ranges, projects, and interests of staff members who you are looking to join. That will give you a great starting place when it comes to how you should present yourself in an interview.

Be Yourself

One of the greatest skills you will develop as a candidate is the ability to create a rapport with your interviewer. Establishing common interests, experiences, and an overall air of likeability for yourself during the often stressful interview is very important. But employers aren’t looking for clones or mimics of themselves, they do in fact want to meet the real you. So while you make note of certain body language and posture movements, keep in mind that it is also your job to differentiate yourself from the list of applicants. Make an effort to do, say, or wear something that will help you stand out and make you memorable enough to return for a second conversation or two. Just try not to go overboard, otherwise you might make a bad impression. As is the case with many such psychological skills, subtlety is key.

Don’t Forget Your Resume

While you are focusing on how to come across as likeable and a good cultural fit for your dream job, don’t forget the importance of your technical qualifications. In fact, they are the most important part of an interview. If you don’t have the skills and abilities an employer is looking for, it really doesn’t matter how much your interviewer likes you as a person. They’re looking to hire an employee, not a best friend. Keep your resume handy for a list of relevant talking points, and have multiple specific examples of your achievements and successes in previous work experiences. Remember that above all, interviewers want to know what you can do for them.

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