In many job application processes, a phone interview or screening call will take place to help employers weed out those job seekers who are unlikely to meet the needs of the position. These gateway interviews are a way for companies to gain more individualized information about a candidate, and get to know the applicant on a more personal level.

Phone interviews can be a little stressful for applicants, especially if they are not fully prepared or know what to expect from the call. This blog covers the basics, so you can be confident that you will ace that phone interview and stand out from other candidates before you even walk in the door.

Do Your Homework

A phone interview is similar to an in-person interview, in that you really need to know your stuff inside and out in order to present yourself well. Doing your homework means reviewing your resume and the job description ahead of time so you know exactly how your skills and experience translate to provide value for the new position. If you let yourself get caught off guard by a phone call of this nature, you likely won’t come across as professional or as engaged and interested in the position as you would like.

Doing your homework also means doing a little extra research into the company you are applying to join. Boning up on their recent projects, their blog, and their news releases will help you get a better understanding of the business and the corporate culture, and therefore better prepare you to describe how well you would fit in. Be sure to prepare questions for your interviewer, as well. One key sign of an interview gone well (in person or by phone) is an established rapport and some quality discussion.

Listen as Much as You Speak

Phone interviews are as much an opportunity for you to screen a prospective employer as it is for them to evaluate you as an employee. Take the time to listen to the information that the interviewer provides about the job and the company. Ask good questions and really listen to the answers. Internalizing information and then circling around to discuss a topic mentioned earlier on in the call is a nice way to show an interviewer that you are interested and invested in the job and are eager to learn more about it.

Prepare Your Environment

In today’s day and age, you may find yourself taking a phone call in the most unusual of places. But if you are preparing for a phone interview, make sure you set yourself up for success by making sure you have a professional-sounding voicemail message, answer the phone yourself, and take the call in a quiet location. Also, remember to smile when you talk. The person on the other end of the line won’t be able to see it, but they can certainly hear the difference, making you sound more personal and pleasant throughout the interview.

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