As you have probably experienced, there is a general corporate focus on high-priority issues and crisis management, particularly when it comes to corporate security. This is often a necessary evil, as fires require immediate and full response in order to return to business as usual. But constantly needing to put out fires can quickly become a bad habit, and companies who find themselves in that position often are unable to break free from the cycle. The real success lies not in just responding to emergencies as they present themselves, but in planning ahead and improving process from a more strategic standpoint. Here’s why you need to allocate resources into the development of endpoint security to move beyond conflict resolution to improve the overall safety of your company.

The Growing Importance of Endpoint Security

Endpoint security includes the management of servers, PCs and laptops, POS systems, tablets, and smartphones or other devices in addition to the overall network. As more devices become commonly used within corporate America, those devices are known to be vulnerable to hacking or other forms of cyber espionage. Each device generates, transmits, and consumes incredible amounts of information and data that are of great value to the corporation they are owned by. The loss or vulnerability of these devices is becoming more and more recognized as business comes to depend on their use. This is a fast-changing landscape, and companies need to recognize that nontraditional endpoints require additional security processes beyond what many companies may have implemented.

Resources Needed to Promote Endpoint Security

Industry leaders are increasing their spend across the board to promote endpoint security and make the overall digital safety of their companies a priority. In a survey of American business leaders, almost 40 percent stated that they were planning to increase spending to better manage and protect these nontraditional endpoints, and 80 percent of those surveyed expected their organization to add new endpoints to their network within the next year. Both the endpoints themselves and their security require substantial investment in the short term, but considering that the security of the overall corporate network and the data contained within the devices is often considered invaluable, many companies are recognizing the need to allocate corporate budget to build and maintain a secure network.

How a Recruiting Firm Can Help

With all of the investment coming in the devices, software, hardware and other aspects in this type of project, specialized personnel becomes needed – both in the short term and long term. As the new layer of security gets implemented, an IT recruiting firm will find contractors who understand the demands of your organization. ESGI has a team of experts who consult with your team and strive to improve the performance at your facility by focusing on quality and value. A recruiting firm can provide long-term contracted employees or even assist with finding permanent additions to your company. Matching the goals of your company with the services a recruiting firm provides will maximize your return and lead to great relationships and results for all parties involved.

Providing a Strategy for Endpoint Security

Planning a strategic approach to improving endpoint security is worth both the time and financial investment. Knowing what endpoints or devices are most vulnerable and learning how to protect them is critical to a solid plan for endpoint security. This goes beyond the familiar firewalls and network security solutions, as many endpoints extend beyond these security features. Consider investing in a multilayer defense, bolstering email and web security with endpoint security programs and applications, anti-virus and anti-spyware products, malware protection and other security services currently available. Keep in mind that the cyber security industry is a fast-evolving beast, and continuously updating your security strategy is your best defense against intruders.

Working with Leaders in IT Staffing

ESGI has evolved into being a full-service professional staffing and consulting company, for engineering and IT positions, concentrating on utilities and industrial clients. Contact us today to learn how we can help with any of your staffing needs.


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