In the energy industry, IT security is serious business. There is a rising demand for IT professionals such as network technicians and cyber security professionals in response to the changes the industry has seen in recent years. Today’s blog discusses how you can best position yourself to take advantage of the growing demand for IT security and inevitably get your pick of the best positions in the industry.

Knowledge is key

Cyber threats to energy facilities are insidious and the damage from an effective attack could be widespread and long lasting. To put things in perspective, an energy facility left vulnerable to an act of cyber theft or sabotage could result in potentially catastrophic consequences, such as the corruption of a nuclear facility’s command and control systems, unauthorized access to equipment or material, or even damage to the facility itself. Cyber espionage is also a very real threat that energy companies need to prepare for and prevent to the best of their ability. The need for effective cyber security has become obvious in recent times. Your knowledge and understanding of that need will help you in your job search because you will be providing a solution to one of the top industry concerns. Focus on selling that knowledge and possible solutions, and you will be well received in many job interviews.

Understand how your abilities translate to the demands of the position

Not every IT professional is trained in the same way, or has the same abilities. It’s crucial for an applicant to translate their abilities and skills to communicate to the employer exactly how those qualifications will apply to the job in question. Find out what the present threats are. Stay current on industry news and trends. Do your research and come to an interview with a clear understanding of the goals of the job. Learn what this employer hopes to accomplish by hiring someone for this position, then come prepared to communicate how your unique skills make you ready to do the job better than your competition.

Have a plan, build a network

It is important to have a plan or a road map of the industry as you apply for various positions. As a skilled worker, you likely don’t want to settle for any old job that comes your way. You want your pick of the best jobs that will provide long-term career development and steady growth opportunities. In order to place yourself in front of those employers and have your pick of the field, you need to have a plan. Research employers and companies hiring in your field. Network with employees and employers alike so you get a good understanding of what they are looking for and what they can offer. Be strategic in your applications. Rely on both applications and networking to find the best jobs in the industry. Prepare yourself to seek out work that will be in demand in the future as well as the present.

ESGI features the best IT careers

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