The job search process continues to be more and more exclusively performed online. In today’s blog, we talk about best practices for having your professional materials stand out in an online application. If you want to learn about some of the best ways to find jobs that you have a realistic chance of getting, and then snagging an employer’s attention, read on.

Searchable Media and Keywords

A big difference in today’s job search strategies involves the use of searchable material, and the importance of the use of keywords. Gone are the days when employers sifted through a stack of resumes on their desk, highlighting the ones that grabbed their attention and met the needs of the job. It’s all about online content now. Make sure that you are using keywords to describe your qualifications based on the job description itself.

Electronic Submission and Online Job Applications

Many, many employers require job applicants to fill out an online job application as well as submit an electronic copy of their resume. Keep that in mind when preparing your materials. Often, websites will draw content – from either your LinkedIn profile or electronically submitted resume – to autopopulate application fields. This makes it easier on the applicant, but only if the fields are being appropriately automated. Resumes translate best when they are presented in either a PDF file or Microsoft Word doc.

Online Social and Professional Networking

LinkedIn is fast becoming one of the most influential tools in any job search. The vast majority of applicants get hired by employers within their network, or within their co-workers’ networks. Professional networking is not something you can overlook as an applicant, even with the most impressive of resumes. Reach out to future employers online prior to applying for a position. It can help you learn more about a job opening, future positions, and maybe give you an edge over the competition.

Be Aware of Your Social Media Presence

Employers are now, more than ever, looking up potential new hires on Facebook and Twitter prior to making their final decision on a candidate. It makes sense when you think about it. Wouldn’t you want to know a little more about the person you are planning to hire? The catch is that job seekers are required to be very careful and thoughtful about what their social media profiles may tell their future employers about themselves. While you don’t need to delete any accounts, just take a little time to make sure you have a nice picture posted, that your feed or wall are free of any damaging content, and try to present yourself as professionally as possible, at least until you land the job you have been aiming for.

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