As a manager, you know that there is a lot of talk when it comes to millennials in the workforce. But you might be wondering more about the specifics of this latest generation of working professionals. What are some specific ways to get the most out of younger employees? What are the management techniques that work?

Engaged Communication

Millennials are a little different from previous generations of workers, in that they like to be included in decision making processes, and really be communicated with – rather than spoken to. Make sure your younger workers are as much a part of the conversation as you are, to keep them engaged in the workplace. They, like most workers, really want to feel like they are contributing to the overall success of the organization.

The Impact of Social Media

Furthermore, communication in the workforce has been deeply influenced by changes in technology. Email, mobile phones, and social media have all had significant impacts in the way millennials communicate with their friends, their family, and now their co-workers and colleagues. As a manager, it’s your job to put that energy and interest in technology to good use. Think about how your company could benefit from a stronger online presence, then encourage your young staff members to take ownership of a new program and see where it goes.

Setting Standards and Expectations

When it comes to managing millennials, you can be sure that they benefit from the setting of clear expectations when it comes to their work product. Workplace standards and policies need to be upfront and transparent. All your employees should feel confident that they know what the corporate policy is for leave, what time they are required to be at work, how they should dress, how they are expected to interact with co-workers, and how any transgressions will be addressed by their supervisor. Set and communicate clear and realistic expectations, and your millennials will respond in a positive manner.

Offer New Opportunities and Challenges

Millennials are a creative bunch. They like to come up with new ideas, and see how their hard work actually impacts their environment. Give them the opportunity to make the company stronger. Challenge them to grow as a team member and as a leader within the work place. Millennials like to learn as well. Many still fresh out of school, they are familiar with the ever-changing landscape of business, industry, and the job market. Put that to your advantage, and offer training opportunities to your younger staff members – that will make them more valuable to your company in the very near future.

The Benefits Mentorship

Mentorship programs have proven to help develop the professional growth of many generations, but today’s newest generation has a lot to learn from veteran employees. Mentorship offers the support and encouragement many new workers need to fully develop their skills and interests within the industry. Mentors also benefit from such programs, and in turn, are able to learn new skills and are provided with fresh insights.

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