Employees in information technology jobs, especially higher-level employees, sometimes feel stuck in the IT field. But in today’s job market, IT professionals are highly valued in a variety of industries. If you are wondering how you can make the switch, in today’s article we have collected a number of tips to help you be successful in your career change.

Have a Plan

Rather than simply deciding that the IT field is no longer for you, it is important to have a good idea of what industry you would prefer to be in. Information technology professionals are in-demand in almost every large job market, in part because computers have become such an intrinsic part of doing business today. The energy field in particular needs IT workers for network security, program operation and development, even day-to-day business. While it’s true that the number of IT jobs in a specific (non-IT) industry may be less than what you have experienced in the past, the work done by these workers is critical to the success of companies, and more jobs become available every day.

To make the step into a new industry, you much first have a plan. Know what industry you want to join. Think about what type of job you would ideally like to have, based on your interests and experience.  Know what IT positions are likely to be available within that industry. Consider how your unique experiences and skills are likely to carry over to a new position in a different industry. Research the trends and prepare yourself to seek out work that will be in demand in the future as well as the present.

Build a Network

Arguably the hardest part of switching industries is building a professional network from scratch. Staffing firms can help ease the transition, as it is their job to maintain robust professional networks. But don’t disengage from the process. Reach out to professionals for informational interviews to learn more about your target market. Attend networking events and make connections that you can depend on to better get your foot in the door. Use websites like LinkedIn to meet new people and to market your skills. This will not only help you with your transition to a new field, but will also benefit your professional growth in the long run.

Sell Your Experience

Your number-one priority when switching industries should be to market your experience well. Each industry has its own technical niches and demands that employers are desperate to hire people with experience in those areas. Knowing what those unique issues may be, and marketing your experience in a way that will assure employers that your past work will translate well to their industry and their projects is key. Assess your skill set. Describe your past successes in a way that is free of industry jargon so that future employers can understand how that experience would relate to future work.

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